The Antenna Lab group was consolidated both at scientific level and in facilities in the 80’s and it acquired a strong national and international projection in the 90’s. At the moment its members are about 6 permanent professors, 3 postdoctoral Ramon and Cajal fellows, 8 doctorate scholarship holders and up to 30 students pursuing their PhD or Master degree. The group shares scientific projects, facilities and support structure. A continued policy to combine efforts has allowed to furnish the lab with equipment of measurement, characterization and microweld for devices from 100 MHz to 75 GHz and with an anechoic chamber with a roll over azimuth positioner system with a 5 meter distance between Antenna Under Test (AUT) and probe. The chamber is operative from 1 GHz to 40 GHz and has 8x8x10 m3 dimensions. Since 1980 the work at the AntennaLab has been translated in 102 international publications in indexed journals, 208 conference papers and 35 doctoral thesis.

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